Living in an “iPad” Architecture

This is a stunning concept design for a jumbo iPad-like interface at home. iPad is the first of the touchscreens or tablet computing, but the technology is pretty awesome. Don’t expect to get this in your home without a barrel of money–think expensive, but possible (not a science-fiction gimmick) and functional for the enhanced living-place or workplace.

Multi-touch interactive media has been around for some time, but hasn’t been realized in the commonplace home. Perhaps we will see these next holiday season replacing standard televisions. I dream of a day when remote-system touchscreens take augmented reality technology and give living things and the home environment an positive upgrade. It’s quite a wonderful mashup of science and design.

Imagine how this innovation can translate to jobs, design, and life. Although this next video is a projection, if it were a screen, it would behave like a jumbo iPad with infinite styli (plural of stylus pen) for collective control. This would render Wacom drawing tablets obsolete, as retro ephemera. A graphic designer like me would love to have a giant surface like this to draw on.

Now if only we could cure diseases with iPads and the like.

  • Tom

    I hate iPads, but I would take a table like that.