Stop Treating People Like Users


Although the word slips from my tongue from time to time, I dislike thinking of existing fans of products and curious people on computers as mere users. I’ve said before that the title of “user” sounds more fitting for a drug addict than a prized participator. Obviously, humans are also thinkers, talkers, interpreters, dreamers, feelers, responders, and
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Pass the Banana- Testing Mobile Accessibility


In an era of fidgety fingers attached to portable devices, does your app pass the banana? People interact with smartphones and tablets differently than desktops and laptops. Our tiny, pocket sized computers have shrunk, yet we remain the same size (assuming you’ve already gone through puberty). As we try to design and adapt with all the historical
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Connecting What’s Important

Hold All My Calls

I first caught the short film Connecting when it was posted over at before Christmas. Although it was funded by Microsoft, which I feared could make it seem like only an advertisement for Microsoft’s flat Metro design interface, I think this short documentary captures the current status of interaction design as well as give
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