Get drafted on dribbble

Dribbble schwag

There is a certain allure to the Dribbble community since it’s a small body of select designers who curate the entry of makers of quality work. Although there are plenty of candy-coated shots, plenty of top designers (and other makers) have work posted there. You can’t ever pay your way to post things, but recruiters
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Tax Write-offs for Graphic Designers


As tax season draws nearer, I’ve collected an inventory of some relevant items I’ve purchased last year, pending expenses, and other ideas that are worth considering to maximize your legit expenses for taxes. Don’t forget to capture all your graphic design expenses that are tax deductible for the year. I missed one hefty business cost
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How to Make an Updatable Portfolio Book

In tandem with my interest in reusing-on-the-cheap, I built a graphic design portfolio using thrift store materials, a cut of fabric, and some art supplies lying around the house. Plastic sleeves seem tacky to me and remind me of family photo albums, so I wanted my work  to stand on its own on quality matte paper.
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Living in an “iPad” Architecture

This is a stunning concept design for a jumbo iPad-like interface at home. iPad is the first of the touchscreens or tablet computing, but the technology is pretty awesome. Don’t expect to get this in your home without a barrel of money–think expensive, but possible (not a science-fiction gimmick) and functional for the enhanced living-place
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